Point and shoot



Film photos

Another roll of film developed on 35mm featuring some light leaks, this time I tried fuji superia 200 film. I love how vibrant the colours are with this film compared to the kodak film I had been using previously. I fall  more and more in love with film with every roll I develop.



Film photos and light leaks!

I developed another roll of film yesterday. It took me a few months to complete the roll because I’ve been busy finishing uni, graduating and looking for jobs.  I couldn’t even remember what pictures I had taken but was so surprised with how the photos turned out especially the presence of the light leaks (unintentional…but cool).

These photos were taken in/outside of Kings Cross in London


The lens on my camera somehow got stuck, so I had to use a zoom lens for the next few photos. The lens is huge and all manual focus…but okay.



B&W Film

I recently developed my second roll of black and white film, I’m still not 100% comfortable with my SLR camera so I’m still experimenting a little. I LOVE the grainy texture of film photographs. I also love that surprise you get when you look at your developed film and and it doesn’t totally suck!