Film photos

Another roll of film developed on 35mm featuring some light leaks, this time I tried fuji superia 200 film. I love how vibrant the colours are with this film compared to the kodak film I had been using previously. I fall  more and more in love with film with every roll I develop.




A few months ago Nico and I went through to Glasgow for the day. We started our day at Kelvingrove art gallery/museum, the building is beautiful, the exhibitions are beautiful, the atmosphere was beautiful. We arrived there at 4 and the museum was closing at 5 so we weren’t able to explore as much as we had hoped. From the gallery, we ventured out to try and find the river Clyde. We walked, talked, walked some more and of course took photographs.

The following photos were taken in the walking passage next to the SECC. Nico took the first photo.